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sustained wind,abling. we have the humiditying and sphriewrmtdz. the winds right now are at 16 to 18 miles per hour, and they those are going do be picking autopsys we head through the day m you can sew temperature see the load. who canning in to contact. you can j -- you can see some
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of the indicate and for sthurnlingsz. if you can soy, you can see the haze that is around the light, the loosessable pudon u is ow p splawsmed.m frormdz.
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and they are working around the clock and doing their poa ofable m p us -- we had our high tide about an hour and a half gone, we have the high tides and
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>> brief pause in captioning do change captioners. >> >>
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>> reporter: now, if if you do plan to fly on the east coast, airport officials recommend that you check your flight status early and often because we still don't know if hurricane earl, the track of the storm, what it could do especially in the new england area. airport officials are recommending that you call in, check the web site just to make sure that you aren't dealing
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with delays. we're live at bwi marshal. linda so, abc 2 news. we want your thoughts about earl. join the live chat right now. before that, let's go he to traffic with kim brown. >> thanks, jamie. traffic is quiet as you get a start on the morning commute. we're only working one incident. that is debris in the right shoulder. if you are traveling on the harrisburg expressway, only five minutes south of shawon and the beltway. on the jfx, all lanes will be open between the beltway and northern parkway. let's take a peek here at route 50 and sandy point. you are not going to encounter any delays on 50 headed across the bay bridge. no problems on route 90 as it will be wide open all the way to ocean city. our coverage of hurricane
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earl continues. >> a live report is coming up.
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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it's nine minutes after 5:00 right now. the campus of mount saint maries is mourning the loss of a student. katy started as a freshman two weeks ago. she was from monkton and graduated in june. around 4:00 yesterday afternoon, she met friends on the volleyball court and five minutes later, she collapsed. we're learning more about her pre-existing medical conditions from her roommate. she wore an insulin pump to treat diabetes and took a number of different medications. >> i said you have that many? i never see you take them, you are so quiet about it. she said yeah that's my thing. >> classes were canceled and half of the student population came to a prayer service in the morning. an autopsy is now being done on her body. we'll keep you posted. it is 5:09. our early voting begins today.
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marylanders will be able to cast ballots 11 days before the september 14th primary. some political overs question the impact of the lab on voter turnout. for interviews with the candidates, you can always log on to and under the news tab, just click on political. good morning, everyone. yes, we are all bracing for hurricane earl, but you know what, we don't have to brace too much. baltimore, you are not going to see anything, but ocean city, you will be seeing the rip currents in the water. the beach erosion will be there as well. we'll see some high surf, so yes, just hold off and things will look much better. let me show you ocean city's temperature coming in at 75 degrees. this is exactly where justin is. this is where he is currently so the temperature at 75
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degrees and the dew points make it feel like 81. winds out of the northwest are at 11 miles per hour. this storm that you are seeing right now on the atlantic satellite starts to move closer to us. we're looking at it now. you can see us becoming a little on the raggedy side. a little ragged. it's not as put together as we saw yesterday. we can't see the well defined eye from a couple of days ago. that's good news. that means the system is weakening. the winds now sustained at about 105 miles per hour. you can see it here moving to the north-northeast at 16 miles per hour. it is 219 miles now southeast of ocean city, maryland. this goes back into motion here. we can see it is downgraded once it passes us to new england into a category one. so this is definitely good news. also, we have a live web chat on hurricane earl. all you have to do is log onto
5:12 am i'll tell you more about the hurricane. we'll follow all of that. justin has the latest. ' but first, let's check the traffic with kim brown. good morning, kim. >> good morning. the roadways are very quiet at this time. we don't have any accidents, no delays, very light volume. as we check our drive times, everything will be all in the green as you make your way around, especially on the beltway from 795 down to i-70. 95 southbound running smoothly between white mar, boulevard and 695. on the harbor tunnel throughway, making your way south, six minutes to the split. as we take a peek at the beltway and harford road, traffic is moving well on both the inner and outer loop at this time. you will not find any problems. just 'head's up in howard county at old frederick road and waverly way. megan and jamie, back to you. here is an example of why we shouldn't have preseason
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games and pay full price for them. the ravens and rams. here's ellerbee getting an interception. i want to show you this. he gets the interception on a tipped ball. well, we don't have it. he takes it all the way back and gets screamed at by coach harbaugh, don't be show boating here. it was a sloppy game. rams win 27-21. let's just get going for the regular season now, all right? a disturbing story of a woman who survives a brutal attack. >> we're going to find out what happened to her on the way to a coffee shop. good idea. you know because then they can run around . yea, i know. well... did you see that? my mom just took a bite of my kraft macaroni and cheese. just wait she'll do it again. i mean who am i because i'm not saying that i did it perfectly either, but, i don't know.
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mhmm. honey, eat. the crime wave continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] gooey creamy delicious kraft macaroni and cheese. ♪ you know you love it.
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and at 5:16, nag's head, hatteras, everybody is ducking the winds. abc 2 news emily schmidt is out back of her 17-room mansion in atlantic beach with the very latest for us. good morning, emily. >> reporter: hi, jamie. how are you? we at least have the luxury of a little bit of a portic coe here. it has some shelter here,
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though it doesn't block all of the rain. we don't have a lot of access to radar and satellite imagery. if i had to guess and draw the band in the middle of it right now, it would be a thick one. we've been out in the rain that has not let up. the wind is continuing to blow. when you look out on the pier, those waves are crashing out there. yesterday around this time -- well, yesterday, a few hours from now, we saw people taking risks jumping off the pier. there's no way they could do that right now. the pier is closed and the waters are dangerous. that's the reality of a category 2 storm. people are so relieved they are not dealing with the category 4 storm and feeling as if they dodged a bullet. the question now is what's earl do as it heads up your direction, jamie. >> we were thinking of the tourists and vacationers. outer banks is a saturday destination. do you think people will start coming back to the outer banks maybe later this afternoon? >> i was talking with the hotel
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manager yesterday who literally there was no one left in the hotel. these are people who request the same room every year because they've been coming here for decades. they are all gone right now. the manager was hoping they would have a chance to come back or other people would decide to take advantage of this weekend and come down. this is such a huge weekend in terms of resort business that everybody's hoping that the bridge opens up, the tourists come in and try to take advantage of a long weekend because they are not gonna have to deal with this cleanup that they feared even just a couple of days ago. >> emily schmidt reporting for us live on the outer banks. now with weather, here's lynnette charles. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, everyone, and happy friday to you. we are watching hurricane earl still. once again, this is a category 2 storm, so it has been
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downgraded. that's definitely good news. we're still going to be getting those tropical storm force winds. so here's the hurricane tracker. we he can see that that's the band that we are on right here, 20 to 40 miles per hour as the storm passes kiming up to about 25 to maybe -- kicking up to 25 to maybe 35 miles per hour. this is at 8:00 this morning. that's when the storm will get around here and linger around 1:00 and mick lunchtime. you can see exactly what's going to be happening as we go into the 5:00 time frame as well. as we look at when's going on into lunchtime, you can see it here. you can see it's still a category 2. you can see the oranges. that's the hurricane force winds. we have the tropical storm force winds that extend out about 205 miles per hour from that center or 205 miles, rather, from that center. so as we check this at 5:00, you can see it's out of here. we'll be seeing sunshine even as we go throughout the day once this hits ocean city. it's still not going to be
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bringing lots of rain to baltimore. so portions of baltimore, especially back towards the west will get in on some of the sunshine for today. i'll call it partly cloudy. then as we go to the east, a chance for showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. so speaking of the forecast, here it is right here. you can see that system getting out of here. then we have another system. this will be a cold front that will pass through the area. i think you'll like the cold front if you don't like what's coming through today. actually 90 degrees will drop down to 78 is what i'm forecasting for tomorrow. we'll be well below what we should be. we will get clearing in here, lots of sunshine into the holiday weekend so that's good news. 90 degrees for today, partly cloudy, scattered showers, thunderstorms possible as we go towards the east. as we go through the overnighttime frame, things aren't going to be looking that bad. again, we'll be on the breezy side, partly cloudy, temperature coming in around 75 degrees. by the time we hit tomorrow, 78
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mostly sunny. a little breezy, cooler, oh, yeah. we'll take that. i don't think we'll have any complaints there. then we have that seven-day forecast for you. you know, the timing on this is pretty good, you know, if you have to have a hurricane try to swipe you. as you check it out on friday that's today, earl is close to us. that temperature is coming in at 90 degrees. a chance for a shower or thunderstorm the farther east you go. as you head into saturday, ample sunshine, labor day on monday. temperatures warm back up, but nice and seasonable. by tuesday/wednesday, we get hot all over again with the temperatures in the low 90s. all right, kim. tell us about the traffic. no one likes a good swipe by a hurricane. you'll find traffic moving really, really nicely. not a lot going on in terms of incidents. we're not working any crashes at this time and very little volume to let you know about. this will be 895 at the o'donnel street exit as you head down towards the harbor
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tunnel. as you approach the tube, no problems approaching the for the mchenry conditional, either. as we take a gander at the drive times as you make your way from bel air to providence road it will take you five minutes. the 95 corridor will be cleared all the way to mountain road. three minutes from white marsh boulevard. between the 83s, no delays to let you know about. another disaster in the gulf of mexico. >> an oil rig catches on fire. we'll look at that story just ahead, but hey a quick reminder, we have a live web chat going on right now. we'll answer your questions and send it to lynnette and justin when we get your questions. if you have any concerns and thoughts, hit us up on with our live web chat. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] this is america.
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5:25 right now. despite having acid flown in her face, a woman from washington state is in good spirits. her name is bethany. she was on her way to a coffee shop on monday and a woman said i had, pretty girl, you want a
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drink of this? when she declined, the woman tossed the acid in her face. she underwent surgery on wednesday. look at her in the hospital smiling and talking publicly for the first time about this really terrible attack. >> i have my ups and downs. you know, i think about what happened and i get frustrated and i cry, of course, all of the typical questions, why did this happen to me? and then i'm okay. i'm sorry. >> she was wearing sunglasses at the time, and doctors say it's likely that the glasses saved her from being blinded. she says that she has had spinal meningitis twice as a child which robbed her of most of her hearing. police are looking for her attacker. let's hope they find her. if you'd like to see then tire interview, we've posted it online at 13 workers sawflies scaped
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an oil platform fire in the gulf of mexico. the rig is right off the coast of louisiana about 200 miles west and the source of bp's massive spill and authorities say there was no leak. good morning, everyone, on this friday. boy, what a busy friday it is. i know you guys are antsy and have big plans for the weekend. saturday and sunday are looking good, and we just have to deal with hurricane earl throughout the day. it will just impact the beaches. so we're looking at ocean city beach this morning and also looking at maryland's most powerful radar as of now. you see the counterclockwise spin? oh, yes that is hurricane earl. the center of the storm is off into the atlantic and will stay that way as it rolls up getting closer to ocean city. you can already see the rain bands coming into north carolina and also into virginia
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as well. we'll get the action throughout the day. the winds will be picking up along the coast. they say 25 to 30 miles per hour with gusts maybe up to 50. then we could be seeing rip currents as well. that's why we need you to stay out of the water. as we go throughout the day, we'll be updating you on this information. let me go ahead and show enthusiasm as well. we are looking it he satellite. well, i wanted to show that you. i'll show that you later. let me tell enthusiasm as well. if you -- tell you this as well. if you want to do a live chat, we have that as well on ask any type of questions that you have. right now, let's send you up to new york for tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, the latest tablet computer has made its debut. the samsung galaxy is available now inly. it has a screen and has a cellular connection. it's expected to come to the u.s. in a few months after samsung works out deals with
5:29 am
service carriers about. facebook is fighting phishing scams. user can lock out anyone they want. facebook users have been plagued by fishing scams which use people's names and identities to steal passwords. verizon has a new idea for smart phone users who don't want contracts. verizon's prepaid data packages are now available. customers can pay $30 a month for unlimited data on their smart phone. the cheaper multimedia plan charges $10 for the first 25 megabites. those are your tech bytes. i'm rob nelson.

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